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  • Charge Regulation made the cover of Angewandte Chemie
  • iPhone app that lets you check for early signs of certain eye diseases
  • Net Charge as a Druggable Target npr-31th October.jpg
  • A New Molecular Mechanism for Sporadic ALS?
  • Amide H/D exchange and the Hofmeister series
  • How Pictures Of Infant Boy's Eyes Helped Diagnose Cancer
  • Using "Protein Charge Ladders" to Measure the Net Electrostatic Charge of Metalloproteins.
  • Can Smartphones and Facebook Help Kids Survive Eye Cancer
  • Detecting Eye Cancer with Your Phone (Part 1).
  • App Helps Detect Cancer Hiding in Plain Sight
  • PopTech 2014: Joe Palca with Inventors
  • Where We Learn That Artificial Eyes Really Aren't Round At All
  • Detecting Eye Cancer with Your Phone (Part 2).
  • Mouth Models: Using An Underutilized Sensory System to Teach Visually Impaired Students.
  • What can the secrets of gel shifting tell us about protein-surfactant interactions?
  • Teaching Protein Allostery to Visually Impaired Students with 3D Printing.

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